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Bride-to-be Journal

I wanted to share with you guys something I purchased last year in September after we got engaged. I didn't needed something like a wedding planner, because our wedding was just less than 3 months ago and most of the wedding planners help you plan your wedding in a 12-months timeframe. I wanted something to keep all my thoughts, wishes, ideas, emotions in one place. And this was just perfect.

I found the "Bride-to-be Book" from Amy Krouse Rosenthal on amazon.com. It is a keepsake for all memories "from the proposal to the I Do".

Bride-to-be Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

An engaging keepsake for brides - Designed to capture all the details leading up to the big day, this journal features envelopes for stashing wedding memorabilia and prompts for recording the exciting months leading up to the "I Do".

First Page

This journal was so much fun to fill out :) I just finished it today and put the last swatches, receipts and photos in. I was able to preserve everything: from our dating times, the first date, proposal, the ring, my bridal shower, bachelorette and bachelor party. There are parts JT was able to fill out and some parts just for the Brides-to-be like the dress, feelings and a particular part of the planning, planning process, etc.

Proposal time

The book is a ring book in diary style with 96 pages. It has the following sections to fill out:
How I met my other, The Proposal, The Ring, Our Registry, Bridal Showers, Making of the Wedding, Wedding Party, The Dress, Traditions, Wedding Attire, The Flowers, The Food, Bachelorette & Bachelor Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Day, The Music, Honeymoon, 1st Anniversary, Dreams & Plans

As you can see there is a lot to fill out, but even if you just fill it out partially, it will be a great keepsake for your time of being a bride! The book is really stable and I love the rubber band to keep the book together. My envelopes are filled with all kind of stuff even the music CDs we got from our DJ with our ceremony and reception music on it. So this ones are stable as well :-)

first thoughts/ideas of upcoming wedding

I was able to relive the moment of finding my dress, I wrote ideas and thoughts regarding the wedding, the wedding attire, like pictures I send to my sister and best friend regarding the specific red color I wanted their dresses to be :D There are pages to add bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations, the program and so many other things.

part of the dress search

swatches of wedding attire

envelopes to keep all kinds of things

Which I think is one of the best parts of the books are the envelopes between the parts where you can put keepsakes in like engagement wishes, swatches, menues, photos, newspaper of the wedding day, one envelope for the wedding music we choose. I just loved that!

planning the details

scrapbooking parts

I just love my "bride-to-be"-Book and it is great to go through it and remember all this feelings you had during all planning of your wedding. I think it is a sweet idea for the Maid of Honor, sister's or future sisters-in-law's to get as gift. But it is also just great to get for yourself - the bride-to-be - to have something to remember all this wonderful moments :)

finished journal :)

Amy Krouse Rosenthal made a couple of this journal books and I just love the idea of it. We gave JT's sister the "Baby Book", which is a "keepsake for baby's first year". And I already told my best friend that I need the "Belly Book" when we start planning our little family ;) but we have still some time for that!

selection of more journal books

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